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Please copy and paste the application below into an email and return to if you would like to be considered for a puppy or adult dog.



City, State:


How did you learn about us?

Do you have any children? ______ Yes ______ No
If yes, what are their ages and genders?

Is there anyone in your home who is allergic to, doesn’t like or is afraid of dogs? _____ Yes _____ No

If yes, how will you accommodate them?

Why have you decided to purchase a Labrador Retriever?

Have you ever owned a Labrador Retriever before? ______ Yes ______ No

Do you currently, or have you in the past, had pets? ______ Yes ______ No
If yes, please provide information on the type(s) of pet(s) you have had and what happened to them.

Please describe some of your hobbies/interests.

Do you ______ Own or ______ Rent?

What type of housing do you live in? ______ House ______Apt. ______ Condo ______ Other

Do you have a secure fenced yard? ______ Yes ______ No

What type of material is the fence made of?

What is the height of the fence?

What sex do you want? ______ Male ______ Female

What color do you want? ______ Black ______ Yellow ______ Chocolate

If the sex and/or color you want is not available, will you take a puppy of a different
Sex? ______ Yes ______ No               

Color? ______ Yes ______ No

Who will be the person to provide the main care for the puppy/dog?

Are you familiar with crate training? ______ Yes ______ No

Do you own a crate ______ Yes ______ No

How many hours a day will the dog be left alone at one time?

Where will the dog be kept during the day when you are not home?

Were will your dog sleep at night?

Where will your dog stay when you go on vacation?

Do you plan to take your dog to group puppy training classes? ______ Yes ______ No

My puppies are sold on a limited registration. Are you familiar with this? ____ Yes ____ No

Are you committed to caring for this dog’s needs for his/her lifetime? _____Yes _____No



Thank you for completing our questionnaire.

We will be in contact with you in the near future!

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